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If you're interested in doing a ship manifesto, but maybe you'd like some help, this is the place to look for a collaborator(s) – fill out the form below, and hopefully you will get a response soon!

Fill out the form below, adding as many fandoms and as many ships as you'd be willing to collaborate on. I would suggest putting your fandoms in alphbetical order, as well as your ships, first and last name.

Best modes of contact: (email, PM, reply comment, instant messenger, etc.)
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[Fandom A]
  1. [char a/char b]
  2. [char a/char c]
  3. [char b/char d]

[Fandom B]
  1. [char s/char t]

Pineapple Express → Dale Denton/Saul Silver

title: Hawaiian winds stirring up dust
author: [profile] aloneinthistown
fandom: Pineapple Express
pairing: Dale Denton/Saul Silver

ao3 link: link
warnings: blood and injury, spoilers


Ship Manifesto Formatting

This should be the basic structure of your manifesto. Feel free to get creative with it, but all elements should be represented, if only by a sentence or two. There are two options for posting:

For direct posting to the community:

title: [title of manifesto]
author: [your username]
fandom: [fandoms]
pairing: [paring]

text )

For posts linking to your manifesto on AO3:

title: [title of manifesto]
author: [your username]
fandom: [fandoms]
pairing: [paring]

ao3 link: [link]

This format was created by the absolutely wonderful [profile] backland.