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Sorry for my communication failure - was the other one actually removed? That's so sad if it was... :/ (And if you just mean, why would we need a new one? Different views, and such!)

I have the entirety of book one highlighted for Harry/Severus moments, but I actually don't have access to my books anymore because of a bug problem :/ I think my main area of help would be the general opinions, and recs. So if you're uncomfortable with being the main book canon gatherer (I can help with quoting and picspamming movies 1-5) and would like to focus more on the recs and opinions, and possibly picspamming/quoting movies 6-7, then we can wait to see if there's a third person who'd like to do the book hunting.

Whatever your decision, we can get started anyway. If I'm responsible for the first five movies, I'll probably be making a private post at my journal to organize those, and then I can add you to a special access group so that you can see, and you can do the same for what you'll be handling. Essentially, we'll be making two separate manifestos, and then fitting them together like puzzle pieces.

Unless you have a better idea, of course.

I don't think this will be one of the quicker manifestos, though, so I'm not going to give us a 'deadline' or anything. I will try to start soon though!

(That's okay, it's just a list that people can pick and choose from.)

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