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Name:Ship Manifestos
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A collection of ship manifestos.

[ao3 collection] [livejournal] [tumblr]

What is a ship manifesto? It is a formatted style of meta that provides insight as to why someone might like a pairing, or why they believe others might like a pairing. Think of it as something like a case file. Both canon and fanon evidence as to why this ship has sailed.



1. NO FLAMING or BASHING! No putting people down for their ships, ideas, work, the images they used, the fics they chose to rec, anything. Bashing of characters or other ships in manifestos is banned as well.

2. FORMATTING! Compile your manifestos similarly to the format provided in the link above. All it takes is a copy/paste into the HTML tab of your Post. Please try to also keep your manifestos as clean and as easy to follow as possible. Keep in mind that others will be reading it, hoping to gather knowledge form you, as well as a love for the characters and pairing you are representing, and that an illegible, convoluted mess is probably not the ideal way to present them.

3. CREDIT! Source your images, quotes, etc. Anything that isn't yours. If we find out you've stolen something, your manifesto will likely be deleted, and you will be moderated from thereon out.

4. QUANTITY! You may post manifestos (not the same manifesto you posted yesterday, obviously) any time you like! An individual pairing may have multiple manifestos, by various authors. A manifesto may be co-created. (If you are possibly interested in collaborating on a manifesto, please see this post.)

5. WARNINGS! You must warn for triggers, as well as spoilers. Here is the proper way to cut for a spoiler, or something triggering:

6. TAGGING! Tagging your posts is important, and the only way to make certain your manifesto will be found. This is what your tags should look like:

If a character in your ship does not have an existing tag, please use the tag '[c] needs a tag' so that moderators can add one for that particular character.

7. TITLES! Your title can be creative, or simply the pairing, but please do not add unnecessary characters such as !@#$%^&*, etc.


• ALL PAIRINGS ARE WELCOME. Real Person, Slash, Het, Femslash, Incest, Cross-Species, Cross-Generation, Moresomes, etc.

• For now, there will not be a queue. Why? Because the last time a ship manifesto collection had a queue, it resulted in an unusable community which held great works. We want this community to be available to anyone, even if for some reason the maintainers disappear without passing on the reigns.

Questions? Contact [personal profile] bloodconfetti via PM, or by emailing with an appropriate subject title.

Advertising: Help us spread the word and get this community active, and fandom booming with love for their ships! On Tumblr. DreamWidth:

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